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Wrestling Ngizwe Mchunu is a poisoned chalice – just don’t do it

Mchunu has earned himself thousands of followers through his live state of the nation addresses where he dresses people down, writes The Purpose editor Sihle Mkhize

Editor’s Note

Ngizwe Mchunu is a character and career  demolisher. Please desist a public spat with him. This is a humble request to all politicians, celebrities and ordinary people of South Africa. 

We’ve witnessed this on social media, television and we kept laughing and applauding Mchunu when opened cans after cans of worms.  

Mchunu has earned himself thousands of followers through his live state of the nation addresses where he dresses people down. 

He assassinates characters and it seems he has a licence to do it. The Purpose reported last month about the DA calling on premier Sihle Zikalala to step down. 

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This was amid allegations that he had got into a physical fight with Mchunu. Today, Zikalala has been voted out as the chairperson of ANC in KZN, or is it a coincidence? 

According to sources, Zikalala failed to control his temper and lost his cool and took Mchunu man-to-man.

We remember Mchunu used to insult politicians including premier in his infamous “state of the nation addresses”

But the million dollar question here is, does Mchunu lose anything in those confrontations? The answer is NO. 

But Zikalala’s character was assassinated. The DA said: “We can’t have a premier who fails to control his temper and assaults citizens.” 


Most of the so-called Amabhinca also called on Zikalala to step down. I believe any politician worth his salt would have learnt the lesson in the Mchunu vs Zikalala saga. 

After all, an old adage goes: ‘You don’t fight a pig in the mud. Even if you win you come out muddied and smelly’. 

That is why I was surprised when KZN Human Settlements MEC Jomo Sibiya went live on social media and threatened Mchunu. 

Sibiya promised Mchunu that wherever they meet, he will show him that he is also a man. This means he was threatening Mchunu with violence. 

He later realised the error in his words and wrote an apology. That obviously made him look even more un-clever than his initial decision to wrestle with iChunu.

“The video circulating on social media was an error in judgement on my part for which I take full responsibility. The video was recorded in the heat of the moment,” he said.

I am a product of strong women, both in my upbringing and in my political development. I am also a great champion of women’s advancement and equality.

Most of my professional friends in the media and other professions have raised the issue of defamation of character in Mchunu’s conduct. 


This is unfair. Mchunu has made a lot of controversial statements under his guise as the president of the Amabhinca nation. The latter part is of course a figment of his wild imagination.

I am yet to hear president Cyril Ramaphosa, minister Blade Nzimande and other prominent leaders say anything on what Mchunu has said about them. 

There’s a proverb that says, ‘silence is golden’. It’s a fact that this former Ukhozi FM presenter made his name more popular after being on the forefront of the forces defending former president Jacob Zuma. 

But he remains a persona non-grata and those he insults should remember that he is seen as nothing but a clown in many circles. So, taking his utterances so seriously that you respond with violence speaks more about your mental intelligence than anything. 

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