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As the reopening of schools inches closer, parents are worrying their children’s safety from Covid-19


As we count down to the reopening of schools on 15 February, parents pray for their kids’ safety with this ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

I’ve seen Cosas leadership in Gauteng province confronting private schools management for “premature” schools reopening. All I can say is that following safety precautions is the only way until we are all vaccinated.

I’ll be wasting my precious ink if I name all relevant leaders and ordinary citizens who have passed on recently due to Covid-19 related complications.

The Purpose Magazine would like to send deepest condolences to all affected families.

While still on the Covid-19 crises, government needs to lift the ban on alcohol. Some of legal alcohol sellers are suffering due to government restrictions while illegal operators are making a killing with back door sales.

I was just passing on the alcohol issue, relevant structures need to resolve this issue as soon as they can.

Now let’s discuss the appointment of Dr Xiaomei Havard. She’s a politician and a Chinese-born South African businesswoman from Gauteng who currently serves as a Member of Parliament in the African National Congress (ANC).

According to recent media reports, she was recently sworn-in, succeeding the late Jackson Mthembu. Havard moved to Gauteng to study and later became a citizen.

She holds a doctorate in Computer Sience from the University of Johannesburg and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from a Chinese university. She is married to a South African.

Havard joined the African National Congress in 2004. She has been a member of multiple Chinese business and BRICS forums. Havard is also the president of the Africa Federation of Chinese Women in Commerce and Industry and the co-president of the South Africa-China Famous Female Business Council.

However, this this doesn’t sit well with some South Africans. My friend raised his expression saying that in China they will never allow a black person to govern their state or country.

His expression left me thinking twice, but the ANC rule the country till next national elections where the people will decide, and probably vote the ANC back yet again.

Cricket lovers, I believe we are all shocked by the resignation of Cricket South Africa (CSA) chair judge Zak Yacoob. However, he cleared the air after newspapers reported that he was fired by Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

This after the recorded telephonic interview where he was spitting fire to journalist, Tisetso Malepe. Speaking to Robert Marawa on radio he apologised for the anger he raised towards the journalist.

But he remained by his words where he insulted the reporter. Judge Zak justified his conduct saying he’s a human being he gets angered at some point.

Lastly, I would like to thank all our readers and I can assure you this year The Purpose Magazine is going to change people’s lives, educate and entertain.

All we’re asking from you, is to keep in touch and like or share our posts and grow this vibrant magazine.

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