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It’s been a dry year for most of us, but that doesn’t mean we must lose all hope

We end 2020 with tears in our eyes and most are deep in poverty, but we pretend as if everything is well.

If I can count incidents which left people hating 2020, I would definitely run out of space.

What I’ve learned is that we plan but God decides. Even though God decides, but as a person you need to plan ahead for your life.

In the past years people used to have New Year’s resolutions. The Purpose Magazine readers please continue with your resolutions even though Covid-19 is still with us, and making it very difficult to anticipate great things next year.

To those who are unemployed and searching for employment, please look at starting small businesses than spending the little you have on things that will not give you any return.

I know it’s not easy because you may need capital but over and above believing in yourself is the key, and the first step towards achieving some success.

Sometimes you may find it difficult to start your own business, my advice is that please sell products and insurances for various companies. I assure you that you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I know as we celebrate festive season some of us spend so much money on alcohol.

Consumption of alcohol is legal but as Africans can we please reduce it’s use. I am saying this not because I’m innocent but looking at the rate of incidents which leads to people dying on the roads and that worries me.

It’s a fact that alcohol also contributes on the rising number of Covid-19 infection, hence it has now been banned for two weeks. You decide, it’s not only your life that is on your hands, but those of people close to you too.

Let’s talk about the hype on Ukhozi FM’s Song of the Year. I must say competition is on another level besides the dark cloud hanging over this public broadcaster regarding a rights battle with Owen Ndlovu.

In history of Ukhozi FM it’s the first time they have two Maskandi songs in their top 10.

We all know how dedicated and loyal Maskandi fans are. They proved their loyalty on Mroza Fakude and Ntencane. Let’s wait and see this year if Owen Ndlovu fails with courts interdict against Ukhozi FM.

In the world of sport, we know Kaizer Chiefs if they not doing well in the field of play Mzansi shakes. It’s simple, Amakhosi are arguably the biggest team in South Africa.

My friend proposed that Amakhosi must fire coach Gavin Hunt due the recent poor results.

But another friend who seemed clued up about Mzansi football reminded him about the poor performance of ex-coach Ernst Midderdorp on his first season at Phefeni. They eventually agreed that current coach must be granted at least two seasons to prove himself.

The Purpose magazine wish you a prosperous new year. Enjoy. But responsibly please.

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