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The funny not so funny side of social media

Khuzani’s distasteful video where he mimics Zulu prime minister and respected elder of the nation lands him in hot water


It’s been a while. I’ve missed interacting with The Purpose Magazine readers through this column. Indeed, a lot has been happening.  I remember when I was growing up and my parents teaching me not to imitate elders when they’re addressing serious issues.

I never asked why, because I respect the elders. It’s such a disgrace that maskandi artist Khuzani Mpungose finds himself in hot water after imitating Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi when he was cautioning Thokozani during the tense will announcement in the Zulu Royal House recently. The event which also appointed his majesty King Misuzulu kaZwelithini was at kwaKhalamangengane recently.

Khuzani recorded and posted video on Facebook imitating KZN’s most respected leader. Royal House of kwaButhelezi and Inkatha Freedom Party IFP distanced themselves from Khuzani’s action and demanded a written apology.
This should be a lesson to all of us

The IFP led municipality located at Inkandla wasted no time and snubbed Khuzani on their IDP/Roadshow Budget this coming Saturday. Prominent artists including his rival Mthandeni Manqele are invited to perform except him.

I believe this is an eye opener to everyone. Someone will ask how can you differentiate between the funny and harmless content to share on social media. My answer would be, as adults we know right and wrong.

As we speak, Bonang Matheba is patiently waiting for her R500 000 from Rea Gopane due to allegations of cocaine consumption he/she made on social media. Thompson Wilks INC Attorneys sent a of letter of demand to Gopane stating that the allegations were defamatory, harmful and intended to humiliate Bonang and undermine her reputation.

Now Gopane is instructed to apologise and pay Bonang R500 000 within 10 days or be issued summons without notice. These incidents must give us lessons on how to behave on social media. They will also help stop cyber bullying.

Sihle Mkhize, The Purpose Editor

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