Facebook scammer becomes butt of jokes as tables turn on DJ Tira imposter



The tables have turned on a DJ Tira imposter who tried to use the celebrity businessman’s photo on their Facebook profile to scam other users and solicit money.

The imposter’s Facebook profile, named Tira Berings, in a failed attempt to be Makoya Bearings which is Tira’s nickname, pretended to be the famous DJ and record label owner.

In a messenger conversation, Tira Berings asks a certain woman for a R1000 loan and claims to have been robbed.

From the beginning of the conversation Tira Berings is nice to the woman and calls her ‘babegirl’. As the chat flows however the scammer gets more aggressive and demands respect because he is a celebrity.

“Hold on I am a celebrity so respect (me), I’m in need of just R1000 I’ll pay you, my problem is that I was robbed” said the scammer in the chat.

DJ Tira quickly posted the screenshot with brief conversation on his Instagram and captioned: “Ngi celebrate phela mina respect”

Nomcebo Zikode joined a number of celebrities who laughed at the scammer’s dismal attempt on social media. The singer of the popular Jerusalema track, wrote on Instagram: “Ay lo uyisgebengu esisafika egemini uyajampisa nje ukuthi akuyena uMakoya (This one is a wannabee thug and is new to the game, he just gave it away that they are not the real Makoya)”.

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