Man of God survives scary attack as burglars hold his family hostage 


Gospel musician and Izwi LoMzansi FM presenter Pastor Cwezu is still terrified following a horrible incident that almost claimed five lives in his household.

In a brief post on his Facebook fan page on Sunday, Cwezu sent shivers down the spines of his followers when he revealed that on Wednesday his family had to bear the torture of being held hostage by five robbers for nearly half an hour at their house in Durban.

“Greetings. Five people burgled into my family house on Wednesday, just when I was entering the premises. They took all our cellphones, everything we had in the house and beat us up.

“God knows. They stayed in the house for 20 minutes, torturing us and demanding money. Soon I will explain everything about what I’m going to do next,” he said.

When this magazine contacted him to enquire about further details of the incident, Cwezu said he could not divulge any information at the moment.

“I’m afraid I cannot give details. There is something I’m trying to sort out and if I give out details to the media, I may ruin things. Give me at least a week, then we can talk afterwards,” he added.

Details whether there is a criminal case opened regarding this incident were not established.

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