Airburn Sounds is ready to fly after struggle to make his name

By Siyamthanda kaNyambane 

Following a successful working relationship with Mr Brown, DJ and producer Airburn Sounds is ready to spread his wings.

The 26-year-old whose real name is Thabo Mahundla also co-produced one of the biggest Amapiano hits titled Screenshots.

On that smash hit Roki features Mr Brown and Leon Lee who recently dropped his single Thatha with his long-time friend and singer Tndos.

Thatha is an Amapiano hit which Airburn Sounds claims that is here to cement his position in the music industry as producer and DJ.

“I began doing music when I was still in high school doing Grade 9 where I taught myself how to spin the discs.

“It has been a long bumpy road as some of my peers that we started with made it earlier than me.

“I had to watch them from the sidelines as they were making money and enjoying the road to stardom.

“I’ve released Ibiza and Nyamezela in the past year. For me I did very well as I am independent and not signed to any record label,” said the father of two.

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Airburn Sounds described his beat is African house but had to prove to himself that he is versatile.

“I call myself Mr Yonkinto (Mr Everything) as I can produce sounds from Afro Pop, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Kwaito, and Amapiano.

“This is why my upcoming EP will be called Yonkinto. It will be a mixture of different tastes in music and genres.

“I co-produced some of Makhadzi’s songs and working with Mr Brown on his upcoming album.

“This means I’m on the right track to becoming the best producer and DJ,” said Airburn Sounds cheekily.

He is not signed with any record label at the moment. But he has had a chance to work with artists from Passion Java Records and Open Mic.

Asked about this, he said: “Record deals are not a priority but what they bring on the table.

“You can’t imprison yourself with a record deal. Not when you can negotiate a better deal that can benefit both the record label and yourself as an artist.

“I don’t want to be a slave as I have seen artists leaving their companies bitter because they felt robbed.

“I’m open to negotiations but I’m well clued up about everything in the music industry now.”

Airburn Sounds said he is in the studio as they are planning on dropping his best friend Tndos’s single soon.

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