Duduzane sidesteps Ramaphosa question, says his father has done a lot


Former president, Jacob Zuma’s popular son, Duduzane Zuma has described his father as a man of few words and big deeds. Duduzane, who gets the ladies weak at the knees not only because of his looks but his confidence too, was a guest at Vuma FM’s midmorning show, the Cruize.

“I feel great about my father, he is a man of few words who taught us many things even though he spent most of his time doing whatever he was doing… but his actions speak a lot and he taught many people a lot,” was one of his answers to host Jacinta Ngobese’s questions.

‘We need to be involved as the younger people of this country’

Duduzane however brushed aside a direct question about how he feels about the current president, Cyril Ramaphosa instead expressing his own interest in running for the presidency in the future.

“I think we are in an interesting place in our country and our history. I think what we should stay away from is pointing, individualising and the blame game that this is​ one’s fault…

“This is a time we need to take charge of our destinies whichever way, whether it’s part of political and economics play. We need to be involved as the younger people of this country and we cannot sit and blame people when we are doing nothing,” said Duduzane.

He said he is not going to sit back and say everything has gone wrong when he has not participated in anything.

“My view on the current president… I think he is facing a lot of difficult tasks, unfortunately for him and his global counterparts, Covid-19 doesn’t do him any favours and launched it (Covid) as an excuse but 2020 is gone and we are in 2021 now, let us move forward,” he said.

‘His actions speak a lot and he taught many people a lot’

Asked about his higher level of respect for the people on the grassroots level,​ he responded: “I think these are the people who have brought us up, the people who have been less fortunate like some of us. And these are the people who look after us as you can see around here everything is in order​ because of them,” he said.​

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