Faith Nketsi’s mom robbed by Malawian gardener and his wife

The family trusted and treated them like a part of them before the incident

By Pete Kent

Reality TV star Faith Nketsi-Njilo, faith in humanity has been shaken. This is after her mom was robbed by her Malawian helpers whom she had treated like family.

The helpers then immediately fled the country to Malawi after committing the crime. Writing on her Twitter timeline Faith said their Malawian helpers broke into her mother’s house, robbed her and went back to Malawi.

“I have land/house next door to the house I bought for my mom. The gardener and his wife and baby stayed there for over a year.

“We fed them, clothed them, my mom even babysat their baby and paid them a salary. Today they broke into my mom’s house and robbed her and went back to Malawi,” Tweeted Faith.

“Luckily we have cameras in the house but we can’t do anything with the footage because they are gone. My mom treated them like her own and trusted them.

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“My mom is so heartbroken. They celebrated everything with us as part of the family,” she said.

In another tweet, Faith said she has always had peaceful nights knowing that her mom’s gardener is always there looking after her.

“l slept peacefully at night in my marital home knowing that Mathew (gardener) was next door looking after her.” It is not known if the gardener and his wife are indeed in Malawi.

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