Gobisiqolo reeks in the big bucks but Bhizer has not seen a cent of it

By Siyamthanda kaNyambane
Gqom star Bhizer demands his cut after his song titled Gobisiqolo scored a deal with an international movie Black Panther.
As if that was not enough Bhizer’s song has scored another lucrative deal for it to feature in the Netflix show called Jaiva. He however has not received a cent from it.
Bhizer’s real name is Sibonelo Dimba and he is from Umgababa outside Durban. He claims that his former boss at Da Movement Bobster Mdlongwa who is Oscar “Oskido” Mdlongwa’s younger brother has been exploiting him.
Bhizer claims that when Gobisiqolo was featured in The Black Panther, he never received a cent from it.
A statement released by Bhizer reads: “I have been unfairly treated and exploited by the people very close to me.
“The people I trusted with my work and believed that they will treat our working relationship with some integrity.
“Thank you for your support which resulted in the song Gobisiqolo being used in much-appreciated movies called Black Panther.
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“One would assume that I reaped great reward but that, unfortunately, is not the case. I am still battling to get what is due to me.
“Gobisiqolo signed two synched deals for two different projects for which I have not been rewarded.
“I have not received complete payment for a synched deal that the song had with Black Panther.
“I have also discovered that the song has signed another deal with Netflix and I was never informed about it as I had to find out about it by myself.”
When Bhizer was called for comment regarding this matter he said he wants his money.
“I worked hard for that Gobisiqolo project, I want what is due to me. I don’t even know how much the Black Panther deal was worth.
“People are exploiting and treating us unfairly. They get rich while we are starving,” he said.
Attempts to get a comment from Bobstar failed, questions were sent to him but there has been no response.

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