Khuzani and his new dreadlocks hairstyle: a hit or miss?

A sizable number of his supporters are unhappy with the Maskandi star's new hairstyle

STORY: Sihle Mkhize
PHOTO: Facebook 

Popular Maskandi artist, Khuzani Mpungose has upset some of his supporters. He was probably trying to look like his idol and mentor, the late Mgqumeni. But his actions have not gone the way he would have hoped.

Khuzani decided to go for the dreadlocks and asked his followers on his official Facebook page how they felt about it. Some were understanding of what he was trying to do while others were just simply unhappy.

Some went as far as to say he looks like popular American female musician, Tracey Chapman. Khuzani’s dreadlocks journey started on Wednesday when he posted pictures of himself having the dreadlocks done.

He captioned the photos: “Guys, is this guy doing a good job on me. Or should I tell him to stop before he he goes too far? It is just that I do not want to be a laughing stock.”

Using laughing emoji’s, USinálo Nâvigator Sithole: I am just waiting for the end result. He must must continue with the job my king. Ibhova lakwaKhuba (the Khuba Bulldog).” Ibhova was the late Mgqumeni’s nickname.

Some comments were sarcastic and vulgar while others were just funny

It is difficult to say whether Nathi Khuzwayo was being serious or sarcastic in his reply when he wrote: “It is your head. You can do anything you like to it as long as that hairstyle makes you happy. Go on with it my brother, don’t let people tell you what to do. In the end, your happiness is important.”

On Thursday, Khuzani provided an update and promised that the guy who is doing the dreadlocks will be finished by 6pm. He would post the end result for his fans to approve or disapprove.

“Guys, you must tell me if this guys is doing me wrong. Don’t keep quiet if he is making a fool of me. At 6pm I will take the photos when he is done as he said. But if you guys don’t like it, I will instruct that he takes them off before I get get angry at him,” he wrote.

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Scelenkosini Tshabalala advised him that it was time to get married so he has a woman to advise him properly so he doesn’t embarrass himself like this in future.

“I have said it before that you should get married. Just look at yourself now. Just go pay lobola for Fikile of Uzalo (Nelisa Mchunu) and marry her. You would look great together and she can advise you properly.”
Mchilizi Wemfene Gamede Kwezedlamlenze was more direct and perhaps vulgar in his reply: “I don’t know what kind of #%it you are doing on your head Khuzani.”
Mluleki Bhungane saw the funny side of it: “Hhhow you look just like Tracey Chapman.” We will monitor how it ends when he posts again at 6pm and report to you.

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