Multi-talented Ngeney’ntwen answers calling, dives into Maskandi

"I'm fully immersed in music, specifically Maskandi. My single 'Ey'ntwen' will drop on 29 August."

Ngeney’ntwen, also known as Sihle Mkhize, has officially answered music’s call by diving into the Maskandi scene. 

He dropped a new track that’s aiming to turn heads in the music industry. But hold on a second, rewind – this guy isn’t just a musical rookie. 

Before this, he’s worn the hats of a journalist and an actor. Yep, he’s quite the multi-talented individual.

So, what’s the scoop? Well, Ngeney’ntwen has unleashed a single called “Ey’ntwen” on the world, making his musical intentions loud and clear. 

The stage is set for a musical journey that’s distinctly Maskandi.

In his own words, “I’m fully immersed in music, specifically Maskandi. My single ‘Ey’ntwen’ will drop on 29 August.” Got to love how he’s boldly embracing his musical rebirth.

Now, here’s a twist – despite being recognized as an actor, writer, and journalist (quite the triple threat, right?), he’s switched lanes and is cruising down Music Highway. 

No more scripts and headlines; it’s all about crafting melodies and striking chords.

How it all started for Ngeney’ntwen

Curious how this musical story unfolded? Ngeney’ntwen’s journey began with a nudge from a close friend. This guy had a hunch that Ngeney’ntwen had untapped musical potential, something he hadn’t even considered before. 

Imagine the surprise on his face when this was suggested to him, “Hey, Ngeney’ntwen, you’ve got more in you than just words.”

And just like that, a musical seed was planted. A seed that quickly grew into a full-blown creative revelation. 

Ngeney’ntwen had brushed shoulders with music legends like Phuzekhemisi and iHhashi Elihlophe. But singing? That was a note he hadn’t hit before.

But thanks to his friend’s belief, that hidden melody was uncovered. Suddenly, it was like Ngeney’ntwen found himself humming a tune he’d never heard before. 

Ngeney’ntwen tests waters first

So, he jotted it all down and headed to the studio. But not before consulting with his village pals, from Fakazi to Lovu and Mashiwase. 

It’s like testing the waters before you take the plunge – gotta love that Zulu wisdom.

Who else joined the musical crusade? None other than Phuzekhemisi, the musical maestro.

He orchestrated a dream team, including his son Thulasizwe Mnyandu, Mlih Mkhize and the bass guitar magician Mudemude. It’s like assembling a superhero squad to make musical magic happen.

Now, what’s Ngeney’ntwen’s song all about? Well, it’s not just a personal memoir; it’s a universal tale. Think about those moments when life takes a curveball and you find yourself on a totally unexpected path. 

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It’s a message for everyone who’s felt like a fish out of water. The song tackles mutual struggles, the stuff that makes you go, “Hey, let’s stop the chaos and stand together!”

So, remember the name Ngeney’ntwen, because it’s not just a name – it’s a musical adventure waiting to unfold. 

And who knows, maybe we’ll all be humming to his tunes sooner than we think.


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