Smokes and Mirrors, delivers sizzling drama yet again

By Sane Mseleku has once again cooked up a sizzling new drama featuring a talented cast in their latest production, Smoke and Mirrors. The story revolves around the small mining town of Emnyameni.

Ayanda Bandla takes on the lead role of Thandiswa Mseleku, a hairdresser by day and an escort by night. 

Driven by a desire for vengeance, Thandiswa seeks to avenge her twin sister’s tragic fate — a brutal rape and murder at the hands of three powerful and ruthless men in the town. 

Zolisa Xaluva portrays Caesar, one of these men, a formidable businessman with a notorious reputation for getting his hands dirty. Kabomo Vilakazi, not only an actor but also a producer and musician, plays Mthetho, a police commissioner leading a double life. 

Additionally, Mavusa stars as Jaxon, the dim-witted womanizer Mayor who engages in promiscuous relationships.

Smokes and Mirrors delves further into the lives of Emnyameni’s residents. Nomeva, a traditional healer and ex-wife of the late Samson, who was once the town’s mine owner before being murdered by the three musketeers, provides refuge to those in need within her humble home. 

Smokes and Mirrors has plenty plot twists

Leroy, a hairstylist and salon owner unafraid to speak his mind, shares her abode. Martha, the queen of the town, owns a hotel and was Samson’s mistress, entangled in the conspiracy behind his demise. 

Mandla, the town’s pastor, envies Sakhile, a young man who was once Samson’s loyal right-hand, as his jealousy leads him to compromise his morals, becoming an accomplice in Samson’s murder and subsequently receiving Sakhile’s position, leading to his demotion.

The drama also introduces the Bling girls, a trio of women caught up in a theft from a man named Pollux.

 As they face the repercussions and threats from Pollux, they discover his status as a wanted criminal, ultimately benefiting from their prior warning to him. 

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Additionally, a troubled teenage boy named Mpendulo, Thandiswa’s son, engages in mischievous behavior, his dark side concealed from his unaware mother.

Tune in to the captivating series Smoke and Mirrors every weeknight at 9 pm, exclusively on channel 194, as Emnyameni’s secrets are about to unravel.


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