Water stealers shoot themselves on the foot

The water was available for free but now municipality feels they can afford to pay for it because they can buy expensive equipment to redirect it to their households


Rural communities in the Harry Gwala District have scored an own goal. In their attempts to have easier access to communal water, the community have alerted local authorities that they can actually afford to pay for the service. The community is provided for free by the municipality at communal taps.

The illegal water connections have been widespread in the areas around the Harry Gwala District and mayor  Zamo Nxumalo has revealed that their assessment proved that the illegal connectors have been paying for expensive equipment. This was done so they have the water connected from the water mains provided by the municipality directly to their households.

“We are going to install water meters in all households. We will legally connect our water where we shall measure the usage and bill them accordingly,” Nxumalo said.

He added that it is evident that for these households to go to these great lengths to steal water means they can afford to pay for it. Nxumalo also revealed that investigations found that municipal employees were used for these illegal connections.

“The solution to the challenges of illegal connections are advantageous to the municipality. But we shall continue fighting this corrupt and fraudulent act and expose those involved,” Nxumalo said.

Nxumalo has not yet revealed how many community members will be affected but confirmed that the municipality is busy purchasing water meters to be installed in rural areas for revenue enhancement.

He said with this they do not promote illegal connections because they cause delays to some other communal taps as a result of the tempering.

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