Zama is opening entrepreneurship for women

Kgomotso Buthelezi

Zama Zondi is an intrepreneur and Managing Director of Sobabili Projects with over 10 years experience. Prior to the bold move of stepping into this position she graduated with a B-Tech degree in Biomedical Technology from Mangosuthu University of Technology. She went on to complete a National Diploma in Project management at Varsity College at the Westville Campus. Driven by her passion to succeed and see other women successful she heads the Sobabili Events Department.

“My wish is to make an impact on other women’s lives by providing a networking platform where they can meet share ideas in order to grow each other in their respective sectors” Zama said.

According to Zama the objective of this department is to create a network of entrepreneurs by hosting events that seek to transfer knowledge, empower and transform the current status quo where women continue to be systematically excluded from the economy. Sobabili Events plans to grow this network by attracting relevent stockholders, partners and a market that is currently marginalised but has huge potential for growth.

“The idea is for those who have made it to ensure that other women who still want to grow have a platform to help them channel their dreams the right way. Its extremely important for us as women to show support to each other as everywhere we go in business or companies it’s a male dominated world therefore those who have made it must support the other and go up the ladder together and stop the pull down mentality,” Zama said.

Zama believes that the time has come for women to stop standing on the sidelines while decisions are made on their behalf. They, after all, are responsible for many of the buying decisions in most households. They then should be empowered in the fields of finance, entrepreneurship, health and wellness as well as education.

“The time for women to rise up, claim whats ours and take up the space has come and we need to make our presence felt.
Women are responsible for many of the decisions made in the households and therefore we have a right to be empowered in the field of finance, entrepreneurship, education, health and wellness,” Zama elaborate.

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