Zodwa Wabantu opens up about sexing Black Motion’s Thabo

She also reveals how she can bang anything with a penis when she is horny - which is most of the time

By Sihle Mkhize 

Zodwa Wabantu dropped some bombs on Lasizwe’s YouTube show, Drink or Tell The Truth. She revealed that she has been rubbing bellies with Thabo of Black Motion for the past three months.

“In the past three months I’ve been having sex with Thabo from Black Motion and it’s not a secret. Apparently he has a girlfriend. Where do I fit in?” Zodwa Wabantu said.

In addition, she stated that there is a number of men she had sex with. Zodwa Wabantu told Drink or Tell The Truth viewers that if you see her and she’s horny definitely she will tell you of her availability and bonk.

This talkative and dancer who is half naked most of the time also revealed that as much as she is single, she has a Ben 10 waiting for her back home.

“As I’m here, I left Ben 10 by my house, he is not famous but employed. I’ve been with him on this Lockdown. I love sex. I have everything at home, I love cuddling. Imagine having a big house but lonely. I for one I can’t deal. He hasn’t officially moved in yet,” Zodwa Wabantu said.

On Friday, Zodwa Wabantu posted a video of him and Thabo on her Instagram. They look happy in the video. She shocked the whole of Mzansi when she revealed her bedroom affairs.

The dancer made headlines in June 2019 when she dumped her ex, Ntobeko Linda (24), after paying lobola for him. She had already bought their rings, picked a wedding date and had fittings for her dress. Then, a few weeks after the engagement, she dropped a bombshell that the wedding was off.

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“I was on the verge of marrying him but he became too much for me,” she says. “It was a tough decision because he was a part of me. I had done things for him. When I started dating him, he wasn’t a celebrity but gradually he became one and I didn’t like that.

“I’ve always made it clear to him that I don’t like dating a celebrity because I’m a celebrity myself. This is because celebrity lifestyle is fake, and I don’t want to date a fake person. When I come back home, I need a real boyfriend not a fake one.

“I am glad Vusi understands this. He grounds me, he always brings me back to normal life, he actually reminds me who Zodwa Wabantu really is.”

Last year in May, she confirmed that she and her boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi have ended their relationship. She revealed that although she had been living with Vusi Buthelezi during the lockdown, the pair have since split and Vusi has since left her home.

Furthermore, Zodwa Wabantu said things started going south after the break-in at her Durban house last month that saw robbers making away with items worth over R100 000.

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