Abandoned evoked my emotions as it tells stories of abandoned kids


Sane Mseleku

It’s saddens me a lot that there are women out there who abandon their kids. It a pity to hear that a woman can carry a baby in their womb for nine months and suddenly when they are born they decide to get rid of them.

It made me teary to watch the show Abandoned, where I got to see twin brothers who were abandoned by their mother while they were still young.

These brothers were left at a public park by their mother and found by an old lady who took them in. The two were brought up by this lady until now, they are young men.

The lady is now very old and the twins decided to look for their mother since the old lady feels if something were to happen to her the twins stand a very good chance of losing their home, since they will have no one. They then decided to write to the show called Abandoned for help.

When the boys told their story it shook me and made me realise that this world hasn’t changed people are still cruel and cold hearted.

We should be greatful for the show, since it brings families together and people get answers they’ve been longing for and finaly get closure.

I’m glad for the twins because they got help to track down their mother and got to meet their family even if it didn’t turn well as they’d hoped.

When they got to their mother’s home they found out that she was no more as she passed away in 2005 which made everything sour for the twins.

Luckily their  mother told the family about the twins she had left in Johannesburg when she wasn’t well and the family was glad to finally meet them.

Their older brother welcomed them with warmth and told them everything he knew and everything he thought they wanted to know.

Even though the disappointment was written in their faces, as sad and angry as they were but were also glad to have reunited with their long lost family and get closure.

The show has opened my eyes and hopefully not only mine, the women should know better then abandoning their blood.

I believe as women we are strong and can overcome almost anything that comes our way. I dont think that a valid reason to say, ‘I had nothing and had no one so that is why I had to abandon my child’ that’s just so cold.

There is no weight heavy enough for my shoulders that I can not handle, I believe you should die where your children die, you should be your child’s protector.

As South Africans we should be greatful and thankful to Mzansi Magic for airing such a show that would help millions of families out there who need answers.

Also, thanks to the wonderful and humble host Phumeza Mdabe for being so patient and understanding to those in need.

Catch the show Abandoned, on Mzansi Magic, Channel 161 every Tuesday at 20:00 pm.


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