Diep City cuts deep into the lives of struggling squatter camp ladies


This month Mzansi Magic is showing us flames with a new hot drama, Diep City. It’s fresh and very catchy. Their storyline involves four young ladies who are suffering and living in a squatter camp.

These young ladies started getting into a habit of doing bad things while they were still in school after witnessing their families’ struggle to make ends meet.

They then joined a well known thug who recruited them into his house-breaking ring, this thug is a security guard who knows all the comings and goings of residents of a nearby posh suburb.

One day he told them about a family who were taking a holiday to Cape Town, the rich family had a lot of jewellery in the house, so they had to go and break in and get it.

When they were already in the house they found out that Nox’s young brother had followed them. This got Nox, who is the lead in the drama really furious, luckily he came to the rescue since she couldn’t remember the alarm code.

Unfortunately the mission took a wrong turn. The family came back early before they could leave and Nox’s brother was shot and died on the spot during an altercation with the owners who walked in.

The others managed to escape except for Nox since she couldn’t leave her brother behind. She was imprisoned and sentenced to five years in prison. When she got out from prison her mother resented her, accusing her of being a murderer for the death of her only son.

The son had been a smart boy and had just landed a scholarship to one of the posh private schools when she was killed.

Now Nox is homeless since her mother decided not to welcome her back in after being released from prison. The other girls are still struggling.

One of her gorgeous friends had been living a lavish life through blessers, which turned out ugly after a blesser caught her with another guy. The consequences was being stripped everything and thrown out of the apartment. Going back to the squatter camp was the only option
The other one is now married to a pastor and is trying to fix her life. But when Nox came to her friends for help, everything changed.

But the devil mastermind security thug came and approached them to participate in illegal activities for the last time since they were all struggling.
The gang was re-formed again. They went into another house to commit crime. Will they succeed this time, we don’t know.

Sane Mseleku

Lets stay tuned on our small screens for this new drama called the Diep City every weekdays at 8.30pm on Mzansi Magic channel 161.

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