It’s the same story all across our TV series, they just change the cast

Gabriel from Isono

I am a really big fan of TV, but lately my love for it is fading. Everytime I get excited that there’s a new series that going to air, as I get to watch the series I quickly lose interest since they all potray one and the same thing. It’s like all the writers copy each other because they tell the same story over and over again, they are so predictable.

There is this new series called Isono, I was so excited and waited impatiently when it was still advertised. But soon after watching it, my jaw dropped. Not because of excitement, but of dissapointment after seing a familiar story.
These stories are so predictable that you can go up to two weeks without watching them but you will never get lost, you will still catch it and be able to place every piece of the puzzle in it’s rightful place.
Isono has a very good cast, their actors are good, that I have to give to them. But watching Isono, The Queen, Gomora and a whole lot of other series is like watching the same story with different cast.
It’s not that I am criticising the writers, I don’t know their strategy or maybe it the way of reaching to their viewers.
It just saddens me a lot that I don’t find TV interesting anymore. I would really love to switch on the telly one day and find something new and interesting to watch, something unpredictable, something fresh and catchy that will make me wonder what going to happen next, something fascinating and thrilling that is going to make me want more and make my imagination run wild.
Isono is a story that basically tells us about challenges that teenagers face when growing up with or without parents. There is Mother Mary who has a opharnage, she takes homeless children in and pretends to help them but it’s the other way around she uses them and and turns them into cold hearted criminals.
She traffics young babies and kills for a living and now is a Drug Lord who is a Christian during the day and monster at night.
Isono is on BET, at 21:30 weekdays.

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