Judas betrays his wife in worst way in new SABC1 drama


Judas Kiss, the name of this new SABC1 drama says it all. SABC 1 has presented a new series which is giving us a big dose of hate, lies, betrayal. But most of all, the meal best served cold, revenge.

The drama is introducing to us the Muhale family which is led by Judas the husband, with Nandi the wife, their two kids. There is also  Zamazulu who is Nandis sister. They are an example of a perfect family.

The family owns a successful construction company which is managed by Nandi who is an architect. The family may seem normal and happy until you learn of their secrets. Nandi is very talkative and a straight talker who is not afraid to speak her mind. On the other hand, Judas is a charming husband who also has his eyes wondering as he is not faithful to his beautiful wife.

The Muhale home is turned into a war zone when Nandi learns of Judas’ biggest betrayal by impregnating not just any girl but her younger sister Zamazulu. Nandi feels betrayed in the most possible way by the two people whom she trusted the most.

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What makes matters worse is when her family comes into her house demanding that Judas takes Zamazulu as his second wife. They say he can afford to take care of two wives. That makes Nandi’s head spin. She gets furious and Judas fails to support her over her family and denies their request, he just stood there without a word.

The affair has been happening for some time since lives have been lost because of the secret. Two company security guards have lost their lives because they found out about the secret relationship. Now Judas is trying to hide the evidence of the two deaths. Also, the Muhale gardener knew about the affair.

Judas is not only a cheater but also a liar and murderer. Catch Judas Kiss every Sunday at 7,30pm on SABC 1.

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