Zakes Bantwini writes SAMAS organisers a diss Facebook post

Sihle Mkhize

Popular artist Zakhele Madida who is popularly known as Zakes Bantwini won his first South African Music Awards (SAMAs) gong. 

Zakes Bantwini was however not impressed at all with the treatment they received at the awards ceremony last weekend. 

He then took to social media to vent. He wrote a long post on Facebook which can at best be called a diss post because, wow, he went in hard. 

The post reads: “First and foremost, I want to take this moment to thank everyone who was involved in the making of OSAMA

“This song has meant a lot to Kasango & Myself, and to millions whom it’s reached around the world.

“For over two decades, the SAMAS have been the highest accolade that could be bestowed on South African artists. 

Lack of honour and prestige

“And they have represented a standard of creative excellence that marked the height of success to those in the creative sector.

“Regrettably, the SAMAS have broken our trust, they have devalued the honour and prestige, which the awards once stood for. 

“There is no integrity in the way at which the show is being produced, the planning, the awarding of artists and extending the basic courtesy of RESPECT TO THE ARTIST!!!

“After 15 years of a career I have given my life to, I earned my first two awards, after over 28 nominations and years of being overlooked. 

“I finally checked a major milestone in my career. Regrettably, this year happens to be the lowest point of these awards. 

“I receive these awards with a heavy heart, the lack of attendance by artists nominated is just one of the signs of what THE ARTISTS THINK OF SAMAS organisers and stakeholders!

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“This is a result of years of the judging processes being unjust, corruption and myopic thinking and a lack of vision.

“Our coveted award show depicts a looted SOE and reeks of nepotism and traces of bureaucracy.

Shots fired at Ukhozi FM

“This year we witnessed a disgraceful act which robbed us of national pride. These awards have become a slap in the face too so many. 

“I am unable to find the words to describe my shock and disappointment. I am being called upon to say something at this time as we have stooped to a new level of The South African Music Awards.

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“The SAMAS judges have converted the awards to a promotional show and a money making exercise.

“South African musicians are making a global impact. We have to fight to be globally competitive and to take a position that supports longevity. 

“If we celebrate mediocrity we will only have ourselves to blame. Let’s all agree that SAMAS judges have failed us both as artists and as music fans. It’s time we build our industry again.”

But before ending his post, Zakes Bantwini also took a swipe at Ukhozi FM.

“(And) NB: Ukhozi FM, please do better this year on the crossover song,” he ended his post.

Ukhozi received some negative publicity after an unknown song won their Song-of-the-Year. 

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